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Tax Identification Number: 801264830 - Tax Office: HOLARGOU CONTACT PHONE 210-6397563

Athens: 24/12/2020

We inform you that from 1/1/2021 our company will be changing to become better and more useful to you.

In the CUSTOMS CLEANING AND WAREHOUSES department of our company, we serve you in the following areas:

Storage in Greece within the Free Zone PIRAEUS and THESSALONIKI

Customs Procedures and customs clearance of goods.

Loading and unloading within the Free Zone of goods with the best prices on the market

Shipping procedure to another European country with a TOTAL CUSTOMS TRANSPORT GUARANTEE of our company. This process can also be undertaken by the European country of dispatch.

Special Customs procedures in the movement of goods are for us every day and we will inform you correctly and validly for each provided procedure.

Thank you for your trust and we will be by your side.

Good Strength to all.

Contact Us: info@gstrans.gr